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About Navixha

“I help you unpackage your true potential!”

  • Wife, Mom, Friend
  • Leadership and Life Coach 
  • Personal Excellence Mentor
  • Women’s Leadership Champion
  • DEI Advocate
  • Social Media Creator
  • Speaker and Motivator
  • Seasoned Corporate Leader
  • Change Adaptation Guide
  • Growth and Resilience Advocate
  • Writer and Blogger
  • Community Builder
  • Lifelong Learner

Organize Your Life

Mix of styles and colors. My passion project, born in 2018 during a personal low, Organize Your Life (OYL) is the embodiment of my dreams and talents. It serves as my blogging platform, aiming to simplify the complexities of daily life that we often over-complicate as humans. Through OYL, I share stories from my journey, including mistakes and lessons learned, offering ideas that inspire positive change and cultivate a growth mindset. The platform extends an invitation to change-makers, featuring motivating insights from their experiences. It's a space where we exchange relevant ideas and engage in essential conversations openly. Organicize Your Life is not just a destination; it's our collective journey.

Mission:Women’s Leadership 

It is my mission to be a fervent advocate for women’s leadership. Recognizing diversity as the true asset of any society or company, I believe that women embody a formidable force of insightful, effective, and innate leadership. I am dedicated to empowering women, helping them recognize and embrace their inherent leadership qualities, and fostering a genuinely successful and equitable socioeconomic ecosystem. 

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Mission: Personal Excellence​

It is my mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their utmost potential. I guide them to unlock genuine potential, harness inherent strengths, break through limitations, and strive for the highest standards of achievement. Together, we embark on a transformative journey toward success and fulfillment in a harmonious environment.

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At OYL, we’re dedicated to curating events that embody the perfect blend of warmth, connection, and inspiration. Our gatherings are a delightful mix of casual celebration and genuine motivation, creating an environment where women can effortlessly network, support each other, and learn together.


OYL Saree Walk

Igniting Empowerment, Shattering Barriers 🔥

At OYL, our unwavering mission is embodied in the Saree Walk—a dynamic charity fundraiser 5K designed to transcend limits and unite women of all colors and ethnicities. We are on a relentless journey to forge a world where every woman commands respect and fairness, irrespective of her attire.

Our mission is a bold declaration: We challenge stereotypes, inspire change, and affirm that within the grace of a saree or any outfit, a woman not only runs her world but conquers a 5K. Beyond the finish line, our resounding message echoes—a call to empowerment, diversity, and an unyielding commitment to sculpting a world where women thrive.

OYL Saree Walk – Walking Beyond Barries, 2022 ~ Fundraiser for the Montgomer County Victim Services Center

OYL Saree Walk – Walking Beyond Barries, 2023 ~ Fundraiser for the Chester County Crime Victim’s Center

Mindset Consulting​

OYL offers specialized leadership coaching focused on mindset and executive functioning development. Our program provides comprehensive support for executives, leaders, and individuals aiming to reach their fullest potential, overcome challenges, break through barriers, and foster a growth mindset. I am dedicated to delivering customized coaching programs tailored to the unique needs of each client. My commitment is to empower individuals to recognize their inherent potential, manifest their vision, and achieve both professional and personal objectives. To help you unpackage your true potential, is my mission.To help you live your life with a sense of purpose and with joy, is my passion.

Breaking Barriers

Transformative growth is yours with our program, breaking through limitations, optimizing skills, and navigating challenges. Operate at a heightened state by aligning actions with goals, fostering mindfulness, and committing to becoming your best self. Join us for a journey of empowerment, unlocking your potential for personal and professional success.

Women empowerment

Join our Workplace Women Empowerment Program, fostering a positive environment and ensuring long-term organizational success. Overcome barriers, embrace new challenges, and empower women to exercise their voice. We normalize parenting and domestic responsibilities, actively working to blur gender stereotypes for equal opportunities. Shape a workplace where diversity thrives, contributing to collective success.


“I have been working with Navixha to acquire skills to be a better/ effective leader - at least that is what I set out to do at the beginning however these past 7 weeks have completely changed my perspective on life. I have realized that the path to becoming a better leader converges with the path to be a better human being. These sessions have helped me increase my self-awareness and self-discipline, taught me to be action-oriented, focus on holistic growth instead of stressing on perfectionism in every task, how to manage interpersonal relations and how to be more effective in every sphere of my life''.
(Dr.Payal Ray)
“From the very first session, I was blown away by her ability to create a safe and nurturing space for me to explore my thoughts, emotions, and aspirations … To everyone who is reading this, I wholeheartedly urge you to attend her program. I guarantee that it will not only leave you feeling fulfilled, but also leave you in awe!”
(Pradeepa Santu,)
My Dream Mrs. India 2022

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